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There are lots of ways we can work together. The only question is, which path will you choose?

Self-Study Courses

Check out my latest mini course, #nomorediets, for food freedom in 2 weeks. You’ll learn how to go from diet-rules mentality to a natural feel-good system that allows you to eat the foods you love without obsessing over every calorie or macro nutrient, while managing a healthy weight. It’s a win-win, you get freedom and happiness. While the course is only 2 weeks, you’ll benefit for years to come.

$30 for a limited time

sample of what you get with #nomorediets

Wellness Coaching Packages

When you’re focused on the problem you cannot see the solutions.

Learn how to use your happiness and passion to create better outcomes and boost self-confidence when you grab one of my coaching programs or products.

Lost your happiness or passion for life? I would love to help you find it.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a safe, gentle practice that uses coaching and altered consciousness to enhance relaxation, learning, creativity and healing. It is a powerful way to resolve subconscious conflicts and self-sabotaging behavior, which are hard to change through willpower alone.

Studies indicate hypnosis has had great success maintaining habit changes, aiding physical recovery and reducing chronic pain. It can also do wonders for the immune system – I have not been sick in years since I started practicing hypnotherapy!

Certified Clinical HeartMath

HeartMath harnesses the power of the heart-brain connection to positively influence health, intuition, emotions and perception. As a Certified Clinical HM Practitioner, I’ll show you a series of HeartMath exercises with personalized in-session practice, coaching, Q&A and accountability.

“(HeartMath is) …breaking ground on a new frontier of stress relief. ”

Wall Street Journal

What 6-9 Weeks Of HeartMath Can Do For You

Reduced Anxiety

Improved Calm

Reduced Fatigue

Improved Sleep

Reduced Depression

Improved Focus

I’d love to help you get happier, healthier and feel better about yourself.