Do self-love affirmations work?

In this video, I’m answering the question: do self-love affirmations work? What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe? I don’t know? Watch The Video On Youtube Read The Transcription: The short answer: it depends. I’m going to break it down. Words and thoughts light up and activate different areas of your brain, body, neurology, andContinue reading “Do self-love affirmations work?”

Honey Versus Vinegar

You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Sweetness, kindness, or even flattery will get you further than sourness. Can you recall when someone came at you with a sour, indignant attitude and words to match? Maybe they insulted you or attempted to “correct” your thinking. Perhaps they offered you a dirty look. DidContinue reading “Honey Versus Vinegar”

How To Use Affirmations Effectively

6 Tips When You’re Feeling stuck In the last post we looked at why Affirmations may not have worked for you.  In this post, I’m following up by sharing some of my favorite methods for changing negative self-talk and mental chatter.  While learning how to use Affirmations, keep in mind the purpose of this tool. Continue reading “How To Use Affirmations Effectively”