Choose a single modality or mix-and-match and discover how each service supports the others for greater depth and healing.

Not sure what you need, or where to start? I’m happy to recommend a course of action and answer any questions you might have. Set up a complimentary consult call and see how you like working with me. Email or schedule a call.

1:1 Clinical Hypnotherapy

Learn how to get your body, emotions and mind working in harmony. Whether your goals are related to health, happiness or you simply want to explore the transformative power of your subconscious mind – these sessions will help you break-through.

  • Explore your unconscious for problem-solving, healing, and improved learning.
  • Release subconscious blocks and self-sabotaging behavior.
  • Clear and reprogram your mind and body for healthier habits.
  • Naturally boost your body’s healing ability and relaxation.
  • Learn self-regulating tools for resilience, joy and peace.

Phone Consultation

1:1 Coaching Calls

Never underestimate the power of good conversation, connection, support and accountability. Coaching is a favorite for fast-tracking your path toward health and happiness. You’ll be free to laugh, cry and be 100% yourself without fear of judgement. Join me and uncover what you seek, value and how you can thrive.

  • Get support and encouragement as you navigate life challenges.
  • Gain clarity on important life decisions or experiences.
  • Learn tried-and-true tools that enhance wellness, health and happiness.
  • Stay accountable and on-track with calls to action and routine check-ins when you sign up for an extended package.


Tiny beads are attached to pressure points on the ear (auricular) via surgical tape. This photo shows colored tape, however I use clear surgical tape for a more pleasing aesthetic. Auriculotherapy is one of my favorite tools because it is subtle yet often creates dramatic results. Studies show it is effective for 85-90% of recipients. It is even used by the military! Choose from:

  • Anxiety, stress or pain reduction.
  • Balancing protocol for an overall feeling of wellness and stability.
  • Smoking cessation, weight reduction or general habit change.
  • Insomnia or relaxation protocol for an overall feeling of calm and restful sleep.
  • Dysmenorrhea protocol reduces pain, cravings and irritability.

*Due to Covid-19, safety protocols are in place and there are limited openings for face-to-face services.

Love Your Body Weight-loss Program


A one-on-one 6 month body-loving weight reduction program that will leave you feeling and looking lighter as you celebrate and honor your body. Put an end to destructive habits like binging, sugar addiction, body-shaming, and obsessing about how you look or what you eat. You’ll receive 1:1 hypnotherapy, support and accountability while you naturally shed excess weight, get comfortable in your skin, and stop punishing your body. Love Your Body isn’t just about weight – it’s a lifestyle and journey that re-aligns you with your individuality, inner knowing, and love of self. This 6 month program is open for a limited number of people at select times. Email to join the waitlist.


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