How Clients Describe Their First Session

“Before we started my muscles were tight and sore and I had a bad headache. Now it’s all gone!”

“I feel really content and at peace. Quieter, more calm. I’ve been having trouble sleeping and I feel like I could take a nap.”

“Before we started I was craving a cigarette, now I don’t need one at all!”

“I would think or see something in my mind, and then you would say something about it. I thought, How does she know?!”

“I went somewhere in my mind I had never gone before.”

“I’ve never been able to completely relax, but you did it. You got me there!”


one of the best things I have ever done

“Completing this program was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. People who haven’t seen me in weeks are telling me that i have changed or how happy I look. The Love Your Body program truly works!! Krystal is phenomenal. She is an incredible motivator and facilitator. She gives you all the tools that you need to successfully complete the program and achieve your goals. The LYB program is fantastic, but you have to do the work. The journaling and the integrative exercises help you to better understand yourself, while laying the foundation for you to love your body and yourself. If you want to lose weight, feel comfortable in your own skin, or simply learn love your body as is, then you need to participate in this program!”

she has my highest recommendation

“I was a smoker of almost 30 years. I’ve tried almost everything and nothing ever worked. I honestly never thought I would be able to call myself a non-smoker. I’m very happy to say that I am a non-smoker. I couldn’t have done it without Krystal’s help. Choosing Krystal as your guide is one of the best decisions you can make. Her compassion, empathy, strength and integrity make her the perfect person to go to. She has my highest recommendation!”

learned a ton

“I’ve liked all of my sessions and learned a ton from each.”

speaks to my inner knowing

Your program speaks to my inner knowing so I don’t waste energy figuring out what to do or wasting time. There’s no pressure to be a certain way… it’s what I’m already doing with just a few tweaks. Most people can’t change because it causes them to resist, but with this there’s no reverse of direction. I’m already heading in that direction. Instead of being pruned and shaped into something I’m not meant to be, it allows me to be my natural self. Your program is about becoming who you’re meant to be. And that changes.

so worth it

“The hardest part (of this) is the introspection. Its uncomfortable and difficult to take a good hard look at your life, your life’s choices, your triggers, and – the big one -to feel the big feelings you have been avoiding. It is uncomfortable and painful but once its all exposed there is nothing to hide behind, we get to grow and heal. Its so worth it.”


“I really enjoyed my coaching session. Krystal provided thorough explanation of the material. I left the session feeling inspired.”

profound experience

“I went for my first session not expecting too much – more out of curiosity and was totally caught off guard by the power of the experience. Krystal was very pleasant, efficient and professional but the amazing part was the affect of the session for several days to follow! Thank you for a profound experience (quite different from my expectations)!”

never thought possible

“I am much more forgiving with myself around food and my body. I have learned to love myself and my body- which I truly never thought possible. I am kinder to myself. I have learned to listen to my body and understand what it wants and how it best functions. I have learned how to align my mind body and spirit so they can work together and not against each other. I have learned how to understand my triggers and realize why I would self sabotage. I haven’t been cruel to myself in weeks.”


“Krystal’s voice was soothing and comforting.”


“I have hated myself for as long as I can remember, and to not feel disdain, loathing or sadness just by looking in the mirror is an incredible feeling. Even more astounding is the desire to do nice things for myself because I feel like I deserve it and am worth it. Life has become easier and brighter since I have become a friend to myself.”

Krystal Matocha

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