Radiance Wellness Membership

Wellness Membership

Convenience, savings and perks all rolled into one radiant membership.

A no-brainer, value-packed 1:1 custom offer for conscious creators who are ready to step away from the status-quo and embrace who you are naturally meant to be. 

We’ll start with a guided self-assessment to help you take charge of your life and find out what truly works for you. Radiance membership gives you support, accountability and a mind-body-soul framework to steer you in the direction you’re already moving, so you can explore your untapped potential with joy and radiance for a mind-altering, body-loving and soul satisfying experience.

What’s Included

☼ 2 Private sessions every month (25% off)

☼ 10% Off select purchases

☼ Automatic monthly debit

☼ Roll-over unused sessions (capped at 3)

☼ Share unused sessions with family/friends

☼ Convenient online booking

☼ Priority scheduling (reserved times)

☼ Choose phone, video-chat or in-person sessions

Radiance membership IS for you if…

☼ You’ve worked with me before and want to benefit from savings and priority booking.

☼ You’re committed to following-through on chosen tasks that help you accomplish your goals.

☼ You want to feel more satisfied and fulfilled in your life.

☼ You want to tap into your inner resources and wisdom for self-direction and purpose in life.

☼ You want to trust yourself while receiving support that takes you deeper within, instead of being told what to do.

☼ You’ve tried group coaching and want a more personal experience that’s built on how you naturally operate in the world.

☼ You instinctively know you’re meant for something more.

☼ Life has lost its spark or you feel directionless.

☼ You’ve been living for recognition or acceptance from others and no longer recognize yourself.

☼ You want to see the light in your eyes again.

What Others Are Saying!

“Your program speaks to my inner knowing… Instead of being pruned and shaped into something I’m not meant to be, it allows me to be my natural self.”

Empowered Conscious Creators

Living as a conscious creator means being responsible and empowered to create your life as YOU see fit. When you tap into your personal resources and passion, life becomes exciting from the inside-outward flowing, and to feel satisfied from within is the best kind of success.

Are you ready to consciously create your world?

how to join

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