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1:1 Hypnosis Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

✅ Custom plan
✅ Personalized help, accountability, and support
✅ Natural, safe, and effective
✅ More effective than NRTS and pharmaceuticals
✅ Recondition your mind
✅ Resolve self-sabotage
✅ Relieve anxiety
✅ Prevent relapse
✅ Feel like smoking was something you did in another life

Hi, I’m Krystal Matocha

Flagstaff, Arizona Hypnotherapist
for in-person, video, or phone sessions

I help smokers break free from the mental and emotional addiction of cigarettes so they can take control of the habit and let it go for good.

And I know how difficult, disappointing, and frustrating it can be when you want to end a habit, yet something from within is urging you to continue. For me, it was food. Most people are aware of the effects their habits have on their bodies and relationships, but they continue because it has very little to do with education, knowledge, or intelligence. 

You’ve probably noticed how hard it is to change an old habit

It’s the reason willpower fails so often. Smoking, like many other habits, is a compulsion that exists in the subconscious. When you try to fight against the subconscious, it can feel like being pulled in two different directions or paddling upstream. Sometimes it feels like being frozen and usually results in self-sabotage.

Think of the subconscious as an auto-pilot system of a ship. The moment the navigator turns their attention away, the auto-pilot system will run wherever it is programmed to go. For some people, smoking is one of those programmed destinations. 

But you can rewire your mind.

And set a new course for your auto-pilot system.

When you change the root underlying influences, you become empowered to remain a non-smoker for life. Even after a 20+ year habit. It’s doable – if you truly want it because once the conflict between the subconscious and conscious is resolved, they start working together, so you are free to get where you want to be.

What happens when you quit smoking?

Most educational resources discuss the physiological sequence of events, but the physical component may feel minor in comparison to the emotional and mental changes. If you’ve been smoking for any length of time, it may feel as though your identity is wrapped up in the activity of smoking.

A person can wonder, “Who will I be without the cigarettes?” There might be a feeling of hesitation or fear with the initial thoughts, and just before embarking on the journey it may seem as though cigarettes are the only support in life. There’s a reason quitting smoking is commonly compared to losing a best friend. With time however, those thoughts mature and evolve to realize it was like “saying goodbye to an abusive friend”, and you can breathe deeper with more security, calm, and confidence in yourself.

How much can your life improve when you let go of cigarettes?

Grief is a natural experience whenever a person is faced with a major life transition, but when that transition is a choice it becomes critically important to understand what you can gain with such a change.

Consider that the average smoker spends $6.28 per pack of cigarettes. At that rate, a pack-a-day habit leads to spending $2,292 per year and $91,671 over 20 years. That’s a lot of money that can be invested in your health, happiness, and financial security. What would you do with your savings and how can you invest that into what you personally value? Can you imagine how your relationships, body, and emotions benefit too?

Stop Smoking Naturally

Smoking cessation has become one of my favorite transformations. People who smoke have a special skill that inherently prepares them to be successful. The key is knowing what it is and how to use it to help you get where you want to be. No medications or additional products are necessary to stop smoking. You have everything you need already inside you. Instead of relying on an external tool you become empowered to take control of yourself.

Your inner mechanisms are the key to natural continued relief, and hypnotherapy is the pathway.

Break The Chain & Ease Off Smoking

  • Relax with a custom roadmap for your unique situation
  • Release main blocks so you feel empowered to change
  • Resolve self-sabotage and gain confidence in yourself
  • Rewire neural pathways for continued success

During hypnosis sessions, we will change and reprogram your subconscious operating system to that of a non-smoker. You’ll access inner resources that strengthen your resolve and help you feel more secure. You’ll also experience how quickly a craving for cigarettes can disappear.

Then with the confidence to handle whatever comes your way, you’ll start feeling better without them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me stop smoking immediately?

    In short, the timeframe depends on the individual. We can discuss this more fully during a consultation after I learn more about your unique situation.
Does hypnosis work for smoking?

  • Hypnosis is 2-6x more effective than quitting alone
  • Hypnosis is 2-3x more effective than medication
  • Hypnosis repeatedly has the highest success rate when compared to other smoking cessation methods

More important than the use of hypnosis are the unique processes employed by the hypnotherapist. To learn more about the process I use, sign-up for a free strategy session.
Can anyone be hypnotized?

    Yes, the main factor is whether a person wants to experience hypnosis and is open to the suggestions given. Not even a hypnotist can make a person do something they don’t want to do.
How is your program different?

    Although recordings are popular, they are not able to address all moving parts of a significant lifestyle change. Additionally, the process I use cannot be duplicated with a recording and is highly personal to the client.

    Hypnosis programs vary between practitioners. If you schedule a consultation, you’ll learn more about my style, how my program is adapted to your needs, and everything it will include.
Do you offer telehealth or virtual sessions?

    You can work with me 1:1 in person, over zoom, or over the phone. Not all hypnotherapists offer phone sessions because they rely on visual cues, however phone sessions have been just as effective for my clients. I am happy to work with you through the medium you find comfortable.

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