Intake Coaching Clients


We’re about to begin an exciting journey! Your sessions will be customized based on your concerns and from the information you provide.

I am committed to creating a safe, genuine and empathic space for your transformation. If you ever have a question or concern, please let me know. You can reach out by phone, text or email anytime, even after your sessions are complete.

Your questions and progress are always welcome.

Krystal Matocha

(928) 421-2427


  • Prepare a peaceful space that is free from distraction and disturbance.
  • Please do not drive during your session. I care about your safety, and hope you do too!
  • I will call you at your scheduled time, unless you have arranged in-person sessions, in which case I’ll see you then.


Same day cancellations and no-shows are subject to a cancel fee equal to the price of the session.

Client Intake Form

This form is required prior to beginning our work together. It helps me understand how I can best support you and outlines our agreement. Allow 10 minutes.

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