Do self-love affirmations work?

In this video, I’m answering the question: do self-love affirmations work? What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe? I don’t know? Watch The Video On Youtube Read The Transcription: The short answer: it depends. I’m going to break it down. Words and thoughts light up and activate different areas of your brain, body, neurology, andContinue reading “Do self-love affirmations work?”

Does Diet Affect Self-Esteem?

In this video I’m answering the question, “Does diet affect self-esteem?” Diets, exercise, long walks on the beach, bubble baths, journaling… All that stuff, as great as it can be, is not the answer for self-love (or self-esteem). It’s not the answer for feeling better about yourself. Not in the long-run. Not for most people.Continue reading “Does Diet Affect Self-Esteem?”

What does self-love feel like?

Hey everybody. If you’re new here, my name is Krystal. In this video we are going to talk about: What does self-love feel like? Watch The Video On Youtube Video Transcription for What does self-love feel like: If you’ve never experienced self-love, it feels like a mystery. You have no idea how to even begin toContinue reading “What does self-love feel like?”