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Look Inside The Heavy-Set Mindset

Look Inside The Heavy-Set Mindset While we all love to talk about our personal journey with health and weight, it can be much more insightful to look at how others think of their weight. One of the questions I asked was, “What is the hardest part about being overweight?” It was fascinating to see the range of responses, … Continue reading Look Inside The Heavy-Set Mindset

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What if you could eat what you want and manage a healthy weight?

What if you could eat what you want and manage a healthy weight? In case no one's told you today, "eat what you want." ^ Advice you rarely hear from - well, anyone these days. Some are well-meaning. Others are gimmicks. Either way, the weight-loss industry is built on rules, limitations and restrictions: Cut out … Continue reading What if you could eat what you want and manage a healthy weight?

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Weight-loss: are people really as motivated as they think they are?

Weight-loss: are people really as motivated as they think they are? Today I want to start a conversation with you about weight-loss.  Not surprisingly, weight-loss is one of the most common reasons people seek hypnotherapy. People love to talk about food, appearance and weight. When was the last time you went a whole week without discussing … Continue reading Weight-loss: are people really as motivated as they think they are?

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Q/A How do I handle the stress of failure?

Today I'm sharing one question (and answer) that speaks to people who struggle with chronic stress and anxiety -  fear of failure. How do I handle the stress of failure? "I'm suffering with stress and the thought of failure is killing me. I'm not doing well at my job at all. My path isn't going the … Continue reading Q/A How do I handle the stress of failure?

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How Consciousness Evolves

If you want to know how your consciousness changes, watch a flower open. A few years ago my mom and I stood talking around a completely closed up wild evening primrose. It was early evening, nearing twilight, and we were sharing secrets we knew about wildflowers. I adoringly leaned over, pointing to the primrose, and … Continue reading How Consciousness Evolves

Anxiety, Stress & Trauma

Anxiety is often a stress response. When faced with a serious threat (real or imagined), your autonomic nervous system gets activated, and instantaneously you have to decide whether you’re going to fight, flight, or freeze. For those who have experienced trauma, the freeze response can become ingrained and stored in your subconscious, thus leading to … Continue reading Anxiety, Stress & Trauma

Thank You Veterans

Honoring Our Warriors

Today's Memorial Day, and as I'm thinking about the veterans who stood, fought, risked, and sacrificed their lives for us, I'm reminded of the warriors I know. Each and every single one of them always encouraged people to be their own hero. I wonder how they felt, and what they thought, with such a huge responsibility resting … Continue reading Honoring Our Warriors

The Hero's Journey

A Hero’s Journey

You're a hero. Does it feel strange hearing that? Or do you feel at home in those words? I remember when I was first introduced to the concept while studying the Hero's Journey. At the time, I felt like a visitor in a strange land. I couldn't own the feeling of being a hero. A … Continue reading A Hero’s Journey

Self-Alignment Matters For Stress Management

Ever notice how everyone seems to have an opinion or idea about what you're doing or what they think you should do - especially when you're experiencing a challenge? That's a lot of pressure. Even when your friend, mom, therapist, coach, or doctor has the best intentions in mind. Problem is, as they say, "you … Continue reading Self-Alignment Matters For Stress Management

Create A Powerful New Year Resolution

As 2019 is coming to a close, many of us are turning our attention toward the new year and what we hope to experience or accomplish in the next 12 months. We reflect on the success and the challenges of the previous year, and begin to hope and dream about the future. And with the transition of the winter solstice, this is a natural time to be more quiet, look within, and reflect on changes we want to make in the coming year.