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Hi, I’m Krystal

I’m a writer, self-love coach, and founder of The Whole Measure. I’m also certified in heartmath and hypnotherapy. My mission is simple:

Helping people feel happy with who and where they are – now.

Recent Posts

person sitting outdoors

A Left Love

“I love you,” I said. There was a time a moment of silence filled me with dread. Didn’t he hear me?Does he not love me?Did I do something wrong?Does he wish I had turned out different?What do I have to do to prove I’m worthy of your love? That time has passed. I can hearContinue reading “A Left Love”

woman with arms outstretched against blue sky

Before You Start

If I told you I have a technique that would change your life forever, would you be interested? If that’s true, then, of course, we’re interested.  Until we realize how much time and effort it will take to get there – flat out from A to G, I, L, or even E.  If you wantContinue reading “Before You Start”

eggs in tray on white surface

We Are Not Broken

Eggy look – not broken, but whole. The shell has sections marked out with black marker. The lines are not smooth, but jagged. They criss and cross, like cracks in the Earth.  Each section a world unto itself.Each line a false divide within the self.Each part a different collection of perceptions in awareness. How doContinue reading “We Are Not Broken”

man standing in front of woman

An Alternative From Rejection

Saying “no” or “I’m not interested” is enough of a response.Explanations are scarcely required nor owed.  Sometimes a person will ask, “Why not?”We get to decide how much we’ll engage.After offering a personal truth, the other might try to persuade or argue. Most people do not enjoy rejection.Understand that, only if taken personally, hearing aContinue reading “An Alternative From Rejection”


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