A Left Love

“I love you,” I said.

There was a time a moment of silence filled me with dread.

Didn’t he hear me?
Does he not love me?
Did I do something wrong?
Does he wish I had turned out different?
What do I have to do to prove I’m worthy of your love?

That time has passed.

I can hear the silence and relish.

The dread transforms into a celebration of life and love.
It springs from deep within.
When you know you’re ok and someone’s absence only changes the pace.
If you know you’re worthy of love and someone’s silence can be a beautiful grace.

Then you can dance in the distance and appreciate that space.
With a sort of softness instead of a hard kind of harshness.
The drive to earn respect, prove someone wrong, or inflict some revenge – all disappears.

Left with the original you.

The one who knows who they are while discovering more of what you can be.
The one who feels free while maintaining key responsibilities.
The one who thinks creatively while expanding the possibilities.

A left love and the original you.

Your Turn Now

What is something the original version of you left or went back for?

🔲 Reply and let me know ❤️

Before You Start

If I told you I have a technique that would change your life forever, would you be interested?

If that’s true, then, of course, we’re interested. 

Until we realize how much time and effort it will take to get there – flat out from A to G, I, L, or even E. 

If you want to be good at the piano, you’ve got to practice almost every day. 
If you want to be good at basketball, you’ve got to practice almost every day.
If you want 18% body fat, you’ve got to practice super healthy habits almost every day.
If you want to be good at feeling calm, you’ve got to practice almost every day.
If you want to feel good about who you are, you’ve got to practice almost every day.
If you want to love your life, you’ve got to practice almost every day.

Most people are not “good” when starting out.

It can take years of continued practice and effort to develop competency.

Then more years-upon-years to develop mastery.

Whatever you want to achieve, you’ve got to be willing to support it almost every day. 

But there isn’t always enough time in a day for everything that sounds like a good idea.

So ask before starting: What are you honestly willing to put in the time to be good at, and when is it ok to not?

Your Turn Now

What do you want to commit to that you’re also willing to do every day, starting today?

Reply and let me know!

We Are Not Broken

Eggy look – not broken, but whole.

The shell has sections marked out with black marker.
The lines are not smooth, but jagged.
They criss and cross, like cracks in the Earth. 

Each section a world unto itself.
Each line a false divide within the self.
Each part a different collection of perceptions in awareness.
How do we see? Reality, a moment in life, or person – in life? 

Some parts of awareness are filled with trust in something greater, bringing joy. 
Others fill with pity, causing a sorriness kind of sorrow.
Watch where you step.
The schism of trust and pity is a sharp, painful kind of contrast.

A person can feel quite well today, even though yesterday felt so rough. 
And a person can feel tough today when yesterday seemed quite nice. 

That rough or happy day may appear randomly out of the great big blue. 
But it’s a package of perception clinging. 
Unwrapping the emotionally rough day till schisms disappear turning whole.