An Alternative From Rejection

Saying “no” or “I’m not interested” is enough of a response.Explanations are scarcely required nor owed.  Sometimes a person will ask, “Why not?”We get to decide how much we’ll engage.After offering a personal truth, the other might try to persuade or argue. Most people do not enjoy rejection.Understand that, only if taken personally, hearing aContinue reading “An Alternative From Rejection”

Leadership Qualities That Spark Movement

Do you consider yourself a leader, or better yet – a trailblazer? I’ve drawn out 4 archetypes for leadership and their ways of creating movement in the article below. The Firecracker The Coaxer The Life-giver The Fuel Driver PS If you think you aren’t a leader. You’re in for a surprise. Check it out inContinue reading “Leadership Qualities That Spark Movement”