Krystal Matocha

Meet Krystal Matocha

Based in the beautiful mountains of Flagstaff AZ, Krystal Matocha is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Clinical HeartMath Practitioner and founder of The Whole Measure. Her passion is helping others feel more happy and free by tapping the subconscious for a soul satisfying, mind altering and intuitive body approach to wellness.

As such, Krystal believes the best answers and solutions to problems always come from within. Not out “there,” and not from family, friends, or even google.

Her journey began in the suburbs of Chicago. As a child her favorite movie was The Little Mermaid, and she believed she had a special power with her voice. Most people might outgrow such thoughts, but not Krystal.

Her dreamy ambitions brought her to study Voice at performing arts high school, Chicago Academy for the Arts. Four years later she graduated with the honor of the Principal’s Medallion, and shortly after went off to Miami Florida to continue her vocal studies. While in school, she was lucky enough to learn from some of the great jazz vocalists of our time including the late Kevin Mahogany.

But it wasn’t the fairytale she had hoped it would be.

Wanting to live up to other’s expectations, Krystal soon found herself over-stressed, frozen in action, and unhappy. Her health suffered and rather like her favorite childhood heroine, Krystal lost her voice. Her arytenoids were so swollen her vocal cords could not come fully together. (It really does happen and this is one thing you can google to find out more.)

A symptom of a larger problem, deep down Krystal knew she needed a change. Taking a year off school she discovered she had a knack for business and transferred back to Chicago where she was the marketing intern for Chicago Chamber Musicians and completed her BA from Columbia College Chicago.

Fast forward (years later) and Krystal’s business experience led her into Real Estate Management and Appraisal. Until she remembered the girl with a special power and a calling deeper than the sea: a calling from within.

She left her “career” job and committed herself to following her dream, this time led from within, so she could use her voice to help others reclaim wellness and balance. As a mind-body practitioner graduate, specializing in Hypnotherapy from award-winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Krystal is doing just that and joyfully living her dream.

Turns out real life is far more interesting than a fairytale – and the story’s not over yet. Besides, Krystal can do something Ariel never did. Ask her how she sings two notes at the same time. It’s her secret talent.

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