A Left Love

person sitting outdoors

“I love you,” I said.

There was a time a moment of silence filled me with dread.

Didn’t he hear me?
Does he not love me?
Did I do something wrong?
Does he wish I had turned out different?
What do I have to do to prove I’m worthy of your love?

That time has passed.

I can hear the silence and relish.

The dread transforms into a celebration of life and love.
It springs from deep within.
When you know you’re ok and someone’s absence only changes the pace.
If you know you’re worthy of love and someone’s silence can be a beautiful grace.

Then you can dance in the distance and appreciate that space.
With a sort of softness instead of a hard kind of harshness.
The drive to earn respect, prove someone wrong, or inflict some revenge – all disappears.

Left with the original you.

The one who knows who they are while discovering more of what you can be.
The one who feels free while maintaining key responsibilities.
The one who thinks creatively while expanding the possibilities.

A left love and the original you.

Your Turn Now

What is something the original version of you left or went back for?

🔲 Reply and let me know ❤️

Published by Krystal Matocha

Krystal is a writer, self-love coach, and founder of The Whole Measure. She holds certifications in heartmath and hypnotherapy. Her passion is helping women and men feel happier and free by tapping the subconscious inner knowing for a soul-satisfying, mind-altering, and intuitive approach to wellness.


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