We Are Not Broken

eggs in tray on white surface

Eggy look – not broken, but whole.

The shell has sections marked out with black marker.
The lines are not smooth, but jagged.
They criss and cross, like cracks in the Earth. 

Each section a world unto itself.
Each line a false divide within the self.
Each part a different collection of perceptions in awareness.
How do we see? Reality, a moment in life, or person – in life? 

Some parts of awareness are filled with trust in something greater, bringing joy. 
Others fill with pity, causing a sorriness kind of sorrow.
Watch where you step.
The schism of trust and pity is a sharp, painful kind of contrast.

A person can feel quite well today, even though yesterday felt so rough. 
And a person can feel tough today when yesterday seemed quite nice. 

That rough or happy day may appear randomly out of the great big blue. 
But itโ€™s a package of perception clinging. 
Unwrapping the emotionally rough day till schisms disappear turning whole.

Published by Krystal Matocha

Krystal is a writer, self-love coach, and founder of The Whole Measure. She holds certifications in heartmath and hypnotherapy. Her passion is helping women and men feel happier and free by tapping the subconscious inner knowing for a soul-satisfying, mind-altering, and intuitive approach to wellness.

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