Look Inside The Heavy-Set Mindset

Look Inside The Heavy-Set Mindset

While we all love to talk about our personal journey with health and weight, it can be much more insightful to look at how others think of their weight. One of the questions I asked was, “What is the hardest part about being overweight?”

It was fascinating to see the range of responses, all of which were honest and undeniably colored with strong emotions and inner truths we rarely allow ourselves to admit.

Here are a few of the responses:

“Looking at yourself in the mirror and not feeling like you can be attractive in the least, is crushing.”

“I also feel very ashamed, unconfident, hate myself, etc. I just don’t feel like I deserve to be beautiful.

“Breathing heavily after climbing a flight of stairs sucks, but you know what sucks worse? The embarrassment and having to force yourself to pretend you’re not ducking suffocating.”

Can you see any of yourself in these people?

When we are honest, we can certainly remember at least one time we had a similar response – even if it wasn’t regarding appearance. Most of us can easily think of several.

Thoughts like this happen when we are afraid of being seen for who we really are because deep down, we don’t believe we are enough. 

I believe THAT is the saddest and most difficult part about weight and body image issues. We learn that the state of our body is somehow equivalent to our worth as a human or soul. 

There are several problems with this thinking, mainly that someone else has become responsible and in-control of how you feel about yourself.

There will always be a new beauty standard to live up to and other people will always have opinions about what’s right or best. It becomes increasingly difficult to meet these standards when the body ages with weather and life. So you can choose to chase someone else’s idea of beauty and worth, or you can create your own and have fun in the process.

One of the other questions I asked was, “What is the hardest part about managing a healthy weight?”

One response was particularly interesting to me: 

“Patience is the hardest part about losing weight. I lack patience currently… that’s actually horrible if you want to lose weight or change anything at all. I would like to see a difference right now even though I know it’s quite impossible and if I don’t notice any difference in a specific (yet too short) period of time I tend to give up.”

Our culture is built on instant gratification. In fact many programs and products sell instant gratification. Marketers love to say, “lose 10 pounds in 1 week!”

then you see hearts and find you’re willing to do anything for love

Buyers feel like they HAVE to try the product. Even though it sounds too good to be true, we don’t care because it appeals so much to our desire to have instant results – never mind how realistic it is.

We’d rather take the quick-fix, answer-to-all-our-prayers option than do the inner work that has the power to change our entire life.

^ pin this image

I understand.

In some ways, it’s safer to keep chasing the diet unicorn. We get to keep doing the same things we’ve always done and think the same things we’ve always thought. Real change requires taking a good hard look at our choices, experiences and beliefs that have led us to the point we’re in now.

That can feel uncomfortable, even painful – until we get through the other side. It reminds me of a song by Rodney Atkins. He sings, “If you’re going through hell, keep on going…” The truth is, changing your beliefs about yourself and the world has the power to change your whole life. And that’s why sometimes people choose to stay in the patterns, habits and beliefs they know – no matter how much pain they create.

We fool ourselves into thinking it’s better to stick with what we know, because at least we know it. < You and I both know, THAT thought completely lacks intelligence, logic and creativity.

So the question is, what will you choose for yourself today?

Will you keep looking for the diet unicorn, or will you choose to grow inside so your outer waistline doesn’t have to? That’s why I’ve created Love Your Body Weight-loss. I wanted to share the system that completely transformed how I feel and look at my body. Consequently, it also brought my body to a healthy weight after several months of weight-loss resistance.

My favorite part about this program is not how the size of the body changes. It’s how the program continues to evolve and change inside the participant as months and years pass.

When your beliefs change, your habits change and then your body naturally shifts to meet the inner image you hold. Yet this program is different from other options out there.

Love Your Body doesn’t tell you specifically what to think or how to feel, it teaches you how to access what’s unique and beautiful, in a way that is specific and personal to you. It’s not always immediate, though it can be. It’s not always comfortable, though it can be. It IS powerful and real, and when you get past the discomfort from change – there’s a whole lot of success, fun and happiness.

This offer for Love Your Body Weight-loss ends tonight – Sunday November 15th, 2020. After today, the price goes up. If you want to join the program, there’s no time like the present.

(Learn more about the program or join through the button above.)


If you had the chance to finally feel comfortable in your skin, would you take it?


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