How Consciousness Evolves

Lotus flower on still water

If you want to know how your consciousness changes, watch a flower open. A few years ago my mom and I stood talking around a completely closed up wild evening primrose. It was early evening, nearing twilight, and we were sharing secrets we knew about wildflowers. I adoringly leaned over, pointing to the primrose, and said, “They pop open in the evening.” 

Magically, the instant I lightly touched the flower, it unfolded completely showing off its silky white heart-shaped petals. In less than a second, we witnessed a rather miraculous change in this flower – perfectly timed with my words.

How many times have we looked at a flower as it unrolled its petals, only to see nothing change? Yet when we review accelerated video footage of plants we clearly see them open, grow and transform, spiraling ’round and ’round over the course of seconds, hours, and weeks. Sometimes we fail to observe the changes that are happening every day around and within us. Yet continue to unfold, they do.

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Published by Krystal Matocha

Krystal Matocha is founder of The Whole Measure and a certified clinical hypnotherapist and heartmath practitioner. Krystal's passion is helping women and men feel more happy and free by tapping the subconscious for a soul satisfying, mind altering and intuitive body approach to wellness.

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