Honoring Our Warriors

Thank You Veterans

Today’s Memorial Day, and as I’m thinking about the veterans who stood, fought, risked, and sacrificed their lives for us, I’m reminded of the warriors I know. Each and every single one of them always encouraged people to be their own hero.

I wonder how they felt, and what they thought, with such a huge responsibility resting on their shoulders. And I wonder how going through war, or even training for war, changed their perception of the world. 

The thing is, even if they wanted, they couldn’t be responsible for the fate of the world. There are too many players in the game, each one with an unseen hand in the deck. That’s why we each have a responsibility – an influence, and maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that’s why the greatest warriors always hope to see each of us stand up for ourselves somehow.

We dedicate a day of remembrance to our veterans because they inspire and honor us by taking a stand for our safety, well-being, and place in the world. What about how we inspire them? If anyone needs inspiring, surely it’s our veterans and soldiers.

Now It’s Your Turn

What does being a hero mean to you or what have you learned about heroism from the warriors in your life? What have you learned from being a warrior?

Email krystal@thewholemeasure.com – I read every response.

Published by Krystal Matocha

Krystal is a writer, self-love coach, and founder of The Whole Measure. She holds certifications in heartmath and hypnotherapy. Her passion is helping women and men feel happier and free by tapping the subconscious inner knowing for a soul-satisfying, mind-altering, and intuitive approach to wellness.


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