A Hero’s Journey

The Hero's Journey

You’re a hero. Does it feel strange hearing that? Or do you feel at home in those words? I remember when I was first introduced to the concept while studying the Hero’s Journey. At the time, I felt like a visitor in a strange land. I couldn’t own the feeling of being a hero. A lot of people can’t – not right away.

I understood the logic perfectly. Every person goes through a series of journeys within their life. Within each journey, you learn lessons… some lessons come from “failures” and others from victories. Each one has the potential, if you allow it, to gift you wisdom. Sounds very evolved, but it’s easy to comprehend something mentally, and not understand how it feels in your body or subconscious. Is it actual understanding, if you don’t “get it” in your body?

The shifting point happened for me while doing some hypnotic work on myself. My subconscious had a message: “No one’s coming to save you or fix your problems. YOU have to do it.” I had a block that was preventing me from moving forward, and my subconscious knew exactly what I needed to hear to help me shift.

You see, unlike your best friend, your subconscious is a master at saying what you need to hear (instead of what you want to hear), without offending or hurting you.

Impressive, isn’t it? If anyone else had said to me, “No one’s coming to save you,” I’d have been offended because I felt like I was truly trying at the time. Yet, I felt stuck, frustrated, and *cough* ashamed *cough*.

Since the new perception happened at a subconscious level, there was no resistance, and it created an overnight change in my behavior and how I felt about myself. Now I can say, “I’m a hero” and feel resonance in my heart, because I believe it. You can feel differently about yourself too. I promise. The key is in your subconscious mind.

Quick Reminder

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Now it’s your turn

What is something you want for your life, but have a hard time FEELING as truth?

How might your life change if you felt like a hero (in an easy-going self-confident way)?

Published by Krystal Matocha

Krystal Matocha is founder of The Whole Measure and a certified clinical hypnotherapist and heartmath practitioner. Krystal's passion is helping women and men feel more happy and free by tapping the subconscious for a soul satisfying, mind altering and intuitive body approach to wellness.

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