Hypnotherapy Can Help

Transform Your Life

✓ Natural and effective relief.
✓ Easy access, private, and secure with Zoom.
✓ Relax in the comfort and safety of your home.
✓ Equal to in-clinic care, without the wait.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Break free from the mental and emotional addiction of cigarettes so you can take control of the habit and let it go for good.

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Love Your Body with Hypnotherapy

Love your body, naturally release excess pounds, and manage a healthy weight without the pain or punishment of restrictive diets.

Emotion + Trauma Release with Hypnotherapy

Let go of the pain of the past so you can feel happy, free, and at peace with who you are and what you’re here to do. It’s time to let overwhelm be a thing of the past.

Hypnotherapy works, even when nothing else has.

Hypnosis bypasses the critical mind so subconscious thoughts, feelings, and behavior can be changed more quickly and easily.

Think of the subconscious like the auto-pilot system of your ship. Can you remember a time when you were driving and missed your turn, or gotten somewhere without knowing how you got there? That was the subconscious at play.

We love it when our subconscious takes us where we want, but what happens when your auto-pilot system is programmed for an unwanted destination? Unwanted destinations can lead to endless loops of binging, smoking, emotional outbursts, or a nagging sense that something is broken within.

Fortunately, just like the auto-pilot system of a ship can be reprogrammed for new destinations, so can your subconscious.

So, where would you like your subconscious to take you?


“Your program speaks to my inner knowing so I don’t waste energy figuring out what to do or wasting time. Most people can’t change because it causes them to resist, but with this there’s no reverse of direction.”


“People who haven’t seen me in weeks are telling me that I have changed or how happy I look. Krystal is phenomenal. She is an incredible motivator and facilitator. If you want to lose weight, feel comfortable in your own skin, or simply learn love your body as is, then you need to participate in this program!”


“I’m very happy to say that I am a non-smoker. I couldn’t have done it without Krystal’s help. Her compassion, empathy, strength and integrity make her the perfect person to go to. She has my highest recommendation!”


Mind and body working together

so you feel better, faster

Hypnotherapy is referred and employed by hospitals and physicians across the world.

Clinical studies demonstrate significantly improved behavior, faster healing rates, less pain, reduced symptoms, and fewer pharmaceuticals when hypnosis is employed.

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