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Hi, I’m Krystal Matocha

I help people change thoughts, feelings and behavior with subconscious learning and mind-body regulation, so they can receive insight, resolve problems, and reach goals more quickly and easily.

What People Say

“Your program speaks to my inner knowing so I don’t waste energy figuring out what to do or wasting time. Most people can’t change because it causes them to resist, but with this there’s no reverse of direction.”

“I’m very happy to say that I am a non-smoker. I couldn’t have done it without Krystal’s help. Her compassion, empathy, strength and integrity make her the perfect person to go to. She has my highest recommendation!”

“People who haven’t seen me in weeks are telling me that I have changed or how happy I look. Krystal is phenomenal. She is an incredible motivator and facilitator. If you want to lose weight, feel comfortable in your own skin, or simply learn love your body as is, then you need to participate in this program!”

Krystal explains the power of hypnotherapy

We know air exists, although we cannot see it. We know gravity exists, although we cannot see it. When heliocentricity was first introduced, most people could not see that. And we know the mind and thoughts exist, but we cannot see them either.

What we can see is the influence of thought, in writing, art, dreams, feelings and behavior. How many times have you had a thought, that led to a specific action? How many times have you had a thought that enhanced a particular feeling, and that feeling then influenced your behavior? What was the last action you took, and how did you arrive there?

Thoughts are one of the key driving forces in our lives, and hypnotherapy is one of my power tools for teaching a person how to use their mind for the best results. I’m talking way beyond affirmations, so if you’re intrigued and would like to know more, I’ve created a 26 minute free MP3 about hypnotherapy, without formally inducing hypnosis.

Here is what we’ll cover:

  • What hypnotherapy is and what it isn’t
  • What happens in our meetings together
  • What hypnosis feels like
  • How hypnotherapy works
  • Some of the benefits of hypnotherapy
  • Differences between the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind
  • What hypnotherapy can help
  • Why it’s natural and safe
  • Tons of examples, without formally inducing hypnosis
  • Plus a promo code for your 1st session

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