Hi, I’m Krystal

Certified clinical hypnotherapist, wellness coach and founder of The Whole Measure. I’ll help you access your unconscious mind for greater awareness, learning, transformation and healing, because everything you need is already within you.

Krystal Matocha

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Body Image & Comfort
Weight Management
Pain Management
Smoking Cessation
Insomnia & Sleep

Anxiety & Stress
Empaths & HSP
Past Life Regression
Plus More

Mindset Mastery

Sessions, products and programs are designed to help you start seeing results quickly, while giving you tools to feel empowered and move forward on your own.

My Philosophy

We march to the beat of our own heart here.

Your unconscious knows more than you, your friend, and even google. It finds countless solutions and meanings in what seems to your conscious mind only one. And it remembers everything that is relevant to your success. It will tell you what you need to hear for healing and success, without hurting your feelings.

Sessions with me are a bit unorthodox. I often describe consciousness as a flower that can open in many ways. That’s why we will play, explore, discover, all-in-one lesson for a path that’s uniquely your own. So put the pedal to the metal and see how far you can go here!

As Aristotle said, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With body, mind and spirit working together you will experience more balance, stability and harmony. That is why we use a holistic approach to wellness and the name of this game is change.

Find out we’re a good fit before you schedule a session.

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What People Are Saying

“I was a smoker of almost 30 years. I’ve tried almost everything and nothing ever worked. I honestly never thought I would be able to call myself a non-smoker. I’m very happy to say that I am a non-smoker. I couldn’t have done it without Krystal’s help. Choosing Krystal as your guide is one of the best decisions you can make. Her compassion, empathy, strength and integrity make her the perfect person to go to. She has my highest recommendation!”

Jessica S.

“I went for my first session not expecting too much – more out of curiosity and was totally caught off guard by the power of the experience. Krystal was very pleasant, efficient and professional but the amazing part was the affect of the session for several days to follow! Thank you for a profound experience (quite different from my expectations)!”

Linda M.

“Completing this program was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. People who haven’t seen me in weeks are telling me that I have changed or how happy I look. Krystal is phenomenal. She is an incredible motivator and facilitator. She gives you all the tools that you need to successfully complete the program and achieve your goals. If you want to lose weight, feel comfortable in your own skin, or simply learn to love your body as is, then you need to participate in this (Love Your Body Weight-loss) program!”

Alicia H.

“No health condition is out of bounds for trying hypnotherapy under the guidance of a skilled practitioner with whom a trusting relationship has been established.”

Dr. Andrew Weil

A Short Message

Did you know that there is something you are already to know that you do not know that you know. Perhaps you knew it, a long time ago, but have forgotten to remember that you know.

You see, your unconscious knows much more than you, with a whole background of observing, experience and connections. Like constellations in the sky. Through hypnosis we can access this wisdom, naturally and gradually, in such a way that you remain relaxed while your awareness expands and grows.

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